Top 10 tips for successful Canadian Immigration --- Part I

Monday, September 1, 2008 |

Canada is a land of opportunities. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world apply for Canadian Immigration under different categories. The immigration process is a time consuming, lengthy process. You need to be confident enough in order to succeed and get your Canadian immigration visa.

I have listed down ten most important tips for those who wish to apply with a great chance of success.

Here are the tips.

Tip # 10:
Have all the facts.
When you start the Canadian Immigration process, always make sure that you have all the facts at your disposal. For example, you must have all the supporting documents including your IDs (Birth certificate, existing Citizenship card, Driving License, Tax information etc.), education certificates / degrees / diplomas etc., marriage certificate (if any), Employment references, Medical history etc.

It is very important to have all the documents translated to English or French (depending upon your destination in Canada). Documents in your country native language are not accepted in immigration process.

Tip # 9:
Be prompt.
After applying for Immigration, be certain to provide all the requested information in a timely fashion. Immigration authorities expect you to deliver the necessary information (documents or other supporting material) as soon as possible, so that they may process your immigration case in a responsible time frame.
Any delay from your side will further reduce the processing of your case, which may result in longer waiting times for immigration process as expected.

Tip # 8:
Never Lie.
This is one of the most important tip. Be careful in providing information and NEVER LIE on any form provided. False or fake information may lead to the declination of your case due to misrepresentation.
So, always provide true information, which can be justified by documents and valid evidence.

Tip # 7:
Be systematic.
Always follow the defined procedure and steps involved in the immigration processing. Never try to be "over-smart" by providing unnecessary and redundant information, which is not required or asked by the authorities.
Be patient. If Immigration office requires any thing from you, provide it immediately.

Tip # 6:
Be persistent.
Doing so will bring you success eventually. Try to improve your weaknesses in terms of English, French speaking (depending on your destination in Canada). Get informed about the labour/job market in Canada.


Disclaimer: This site is designed to provide general information on Immigration and Settlement related issues. For latest information on immigration rules and laws, please visit appropriate immigration website(s).
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