Top 6 reasons of delay in Canadian Immigration - Part 2

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 |

Reason # 3
You do not respond promptly

A very important reason to have delays in your immigration case processing is the lack of replying in a timely fashion.

Remember, you are the one who applied for it, so whenever asked for any further documentation from CIC (Canadian and Immigration Canada), respond as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to keep written track of all your correspondence with CIC, so that you have the record of what is sent and when.

Usually, you are given a time frame to respond, If you act lazy in replying, other party (CIC) may get the impression that you are not serious in getting Canadian immigration, which can damage your case very badly.

Reason # 2
You send documents by “ordinary” mail service

Don’t take it lightly. It’s your future you are working on, so take it as seriously as any other thing. Sending documents by ordinary mail service in many countries may take much longer than registered or courier mail services. Additionally, reliability is another factor to consider.

Don’t try to save a little money by choosing ordinary mail. Always, and I repeat always send documents with faster and relatively reliable mail services. Remember, you are investing in future, so why take the risk of slow or unreliable delivery.

Reason # 1
You are not lucky enough!

This is really an unfortunate situation, over which, you have no control at all. So don’t worry much about it

I have seen really weak cases (in terms of qualification, education etc.) gotten processed in relatively less time compared to much stronger cases. Just as a tip, I suggest you to take a look at:

Top 10 tips for successful Canadian Immigration --- Part I

I with you success in your future endeavors.

Best of luck.

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