Permanent Residence Card Replacement Becomes Easy

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 |

Permanent residents arriving in Canada on or after 28 June, 2002 apply for a Permanent Resident Card as part of the landing process. It is necessary to supply a Canadian residential address at the time of landing.

When you receive your permanent residence card (PR Card) after being granted residency in Canada you will notice that:

· It is only valid for five years.

· After five years you will need to apply for a replacement card, which is issued subject to you having kept to the original residency requirements.

In order to keep your permanent residency status you need to have lived in Canada for:

· At least two years within the five year period.

· You can also loose residency status, if convicted of a serious crime.

On June 16th Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced changes to the way in which PR cards are replaced.

Instead of having to send in your existing PR card with your renewal application you

keep your card until it is exchanged. There is also no longer a need to have a guarantor signature or to sign a statutory declaration in lieu of a guarantor.

The changes make it much easier for permanent residents to continue traveling whilst their replacement card application is being processed. As a permanent resident you need to show your PR card in order to re-enter Canada via commercial transportation after visiting another country.

Without a valid PR card you will not be allowed to board commercial transportation back to Canada. You should check the expiry date of your PR card and apply for a new one well before the date.


Disclaimer: This site is designed to provide general information on Immigration and Settlement related issues. For latest information on immigration rules and laws, please visit appropriate immigration website(s).
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