Top 10 Reasons of Why New Immigrants Fail in Canada

Friday, September 25, 2009 |

Immigrating to Canada is a dream for most of us. We spend our precious resources including time, money, skills and other efforts to get Immigration status as soon as possible. It takes countless months or even years to get the whole process completed and finally we immigrant to Canada.

But what happens after we reach there and try to start a new life! Most of the new immigrants have a real awkward experience. All there energies and high spirits vanish, even in the first few weeks of there landing.

Here I have compiled the top reasons of failure.

1. To much Expectation :

As they say “Canada is the dreamland”, so naturally your expectation goes sky rocket as you are now a part of this “dreamland”.

You expect to get every thing as easy as possible, but remember you are an immigrant and Canada welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants yearly, you have a tough competition to face, so don't expect to much in the initial stages of your settlement.

2. Lack of adaptability :

Immigrants come from different cultures and nations. There are more than 150 nations residing in Canada making it a multi-cultural country.

As a new immigrant, some people feel reluctant to adapt the new Canadian culture and society, and hence put them into isolation, which result in failure of adaptability.

3. Lack of funds :

Money plays a very important in your survival as new immigrant. Some immigrants do unnecessary spending in early stages of their settlement and ends up with shortage of funds to survive.

You may save money by not buying a car or a house in the beginning. Keep your money in hand as much as possible till you get a decent job.

4. Language proficiency :

Believe it or not language proficiency (English or French) is a major component helping in your settlement. I can not emphasis more on this factor.

All job interviews are conducted in English or French. If you don't have speaking power and fluency in expressing yourself, you are considered “unfit” for the job, no matter how experienced you are for the applied job.

5. Age factor :

Age plays a dominant role in your settlement after you get immigration. If you become an immigrant in early stages of your life, for instance in your 20s then it is considered as an ideal situation.

If for some reason you fall under the age group of 40+ years then I must warn you that its going to be a tough ground for you. Getting job in this age group is really difficult, especially if you have no Canadian experience. Your current experience may or may not be helpful depending upon your area of expertise.

So if you are of mature age (40+), chances are very high that you must be a married person, hence you have more responsibilities and therefore more to spend. You may get frustrated by not getting job of your field of expertise or caliber, while spending your brought over money/funds in the form of rent, bills, grocery, insurance etc.

Due to your physical condition at mature age, doing labor type jobs is not painful for you, which is unfortunately the last option to survive as new immigrant.

It is important to note that immigrants of 40+ have managerial positions and handsome salary packages in there native countries. It greatly demoralizes them to see that they are earning merely $8 or $10 per hour in a factory while working like donkeys (sorry, but this is reality).

6. Isolation or No Networking :

This is very common. People come to a new place and don't mix up in the culture and society, hence got isolated.

If you don't do social networking properly, your circle of relations will not grow, making it tough to get new opportunities.

7. Wrong selection of destination :

Most of the people land in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. These metropolitan cities have more opportunities compared to other cities of Canada.

If for some reason, you landed in a city where you have no native community, you might have difficulty surviving.

8. Poor health :

This is no kidding. If you are not healthy enough to bare the tough factory (labor) job, it may put extra burden on yourself, resulting in loosing health.

Furthermore, weather especially severe cold may effect your health, if you don't focus on your diet. You have come to Canada for better life and health, so loosing health my create a sense of frustration.

9. Committing Fraud or Crime :

Canadian law enforcement is as strong as it should be. We have heard of credit card or similar fraud stories, where someone tried to cheat the authorities and got arrested.

Always respect the law and if in doubt contact official authorities. They are helpful.

10. Canadian Experience :

Last but not least, every time you appear for a job interview they ask for Canadian experience and you think in your mind, how is it possible to have Canadian experience when you are a novice here!

I hope this information helps you in understanding the challenges faced by new immigrants and how they get demoralized so soon and return back to where they initially belong.


Disclaimer: This site is designed to provide general information on Immigration and Settlement related issues. For latest information on immigration rules and laws, please visit appropriate immigration website(s).
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