Top 6 reasons of delay in Canadian Immigration - Part 1

Monday, March 1, 2010 |

Canadian immigration is a golden opportunity for individuals, families and Businessmen to get a legal entry into the land of opportunities --- Canada.
Every year thousands of applicants apply for Canadian immigration, and the interesting fact is, even most of them meet the criteria of 67 points (in case of skilled worker class), they still experience very long waiting times in terms of immigration visa processing. For applicants, its really frustrating to wait that long, but there is a valid explanation of Canadian immigration offices overwhelmed with tons of applications to process, evaluating each case step by step and finally make a decision of whether to grant immigration or not.
Let me point out top 6 reasons of delay in Canadian immigration.
Reason # 6
Too many applications to process

It’s a fact that thousands of people (individuals, families, students, businessmen) apply for Canadian immigration / Visa every year. Canadian Immigration officers work real hard to process the cases in timely manner. But it all depends upon the information provided by the applicants e.g., documents submitted by an individual may be incomplete and need to be re-submitted, which can increase the case processing time considerably.
So as the size of applicant queue increases, chances are, immigration officers will have more work to do, thus increasing processing times.
You can always check the approximate processing time of applications of Canadian immigration office(s) in various countries / regions by visiting:
Reason # 5
You do not provide correct documentation (forms etc.)

Well, if you don’t provide the correct documentation including forms, supporting documents, education certificates, IDs etc. don’t expect a quick processing of your case!
As an example, if immigration office asks for marriage certificate, birth certificate etc. always make sure you have sent the translated version, either in English or French (depending upon your destination in Canada). Avoid sending the documents in your native language only. If asked, send the original version (native language document) along with translated version to reduce further delays in process.
Similarly, whenever you send any form, fill it up with great care. Incorrectly filled forms are not accepted at all and you have to re-submit them. So, be careful. Its in your own hands to make sure every thing is filled properly and correctly.
Reason # 4
Your selected an “incompetent” consultant

As mentioned earlier, thousands of people apply for Canadian Immigration every year, which encourages lots of people / agencies, either competent enough or not to advertise them as Canadian Immigration Consultants.
For hiring a consultant or not, I would suggest you to take a look at

Hire a Representative/Consultant for Immigration or NOT!

before making a decision. Believe me; it will make your life much easier.
If you decide to have a representative, always check Tip#2 and Tip#3 of article

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Disclaimer: This site is designed to provide general information on Immigration and Settlement related issues. For latest information on immigration rules and laws, please visit appropriate immigration website(s).
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