Canada Cracks Down On Namibian Immigration Violators

Monday, September 17, 2012 |

Canada chose Namibia as the greatest violators of immigration laws of Canada. Namibia and Botswana along with Swazis of alleged human trafficking and counterfeiting.

This situation has led the Canadian government visa requirements for Namibians to travel to Canada to conduct a review of the exemption from the visa requirement for the Namibians before.

Regarding to the violation of Canadian immigration laws, Namibia was 81 percent in 2011, compared to other African countries. We also found that nearly 71 percent of Namibian passport, came to Canada to seek asylum. Therefore, the citizens of Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland now need a visa to travel to Canada.

Namibians present asylum in Canada of fraudulent claims to support its alleged need for asylum. These include reasons for not training in Namibia that homosexuals are discriminated against, denied freedom 51 percent unemployment and domestic violence.

These changes allow Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and its partners to ensure that Namibian's will be visiting Canada to return to their country of origin, rather than stay longer or commit immigration violations.

The Canadian High Commission in South Africa also said that anyone who wants to travel to Canada, applications via e-mail, mail or in person are valid, but in the coming months, travelers can apply online for all temporary resident visa .

Canada to create new visa for immigrant entrepreneurs

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 |

Canada intends to create a new visa category, attracting high-tech entrepreneurs and from countries to immigrate, hopes to establish new company, officials announced lately.

It has imposed a moratorium on issuing the contractor income valid visa, an immigrant is not required, a person for a year, and intends to launch a visa issued to persons identified by venture capital funds as candidates for entrepreneurship in Canada. The venture capital fund would be required to invest in start-ups.

Mutual funds may choose to invest in entrepreneurs and the government is trying to welcome them in Canada in mere weeks. The idea is to bring Canadian money and foreign leaders. A first source of foreign candidates in the high tech industry in the United States who do not have residency status landed frustrated.

The program will be presented in detail later in the year, one would need external guarantees and spot checks to ensure that the venture capital fund to be applied as promised. The Government will set aside 2,750 visas per year for entrepreneurs and start their families. Last year, more than 700 visas in the old business category were granted, in which an immigrant can be something as simple as buying a supermarket and hire a person would then leave the company after a year .

The Immigration Department based in Vancouver, said Version One companies in new technology and Internet companies between five and 10 in Canada and the United States spends each year, was one of the venture capital funds, has been consulted in program development visa. "It's never enough brains in the country," Version One Ventures, founder Boris Wertz. "Each country is to get the best minds in the world."

New Reforms Review by Citizenship and Immigration Canada During Past 12 Months

Monday, September 10, 2012 |

Minister Jason Kenney said the government had made great progress in recent years and would try to have more improvements and reforms in the coming years.

After a historically important number of new immigrants to Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), here is an overview of the most important reforms last 12 months.

According to CIC, these changes have contributed to strengthening the integrity and responsiveness of current economy through immigration.

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney said:
"Our government has a plan to ensure the fastest, the immigration system more flexible and can be adapted to best meet the economic needs of Canada, while continuing to fulfill our humanitarian obligations". "Changes are immigrants to improve their living conditions, and the Canadian economy grow."
After reviewing some of the outstanding achievements of the CIC in the past year include:
  • Approve the "Law on the Protection of the Canadian immigration system" helps improve the asylum system against human trafficking and allow the collection of biometric data from visa applicants Canadians;
  •  From "Economic Action Plan 2012" to promote the economic flow is faster and more flexible Canadian jobs, growth and prosperity. Plan also eliminates the accumulation of old apps skilled Canadians who underwent seven years waiting times;
  • The introduction of the "quick removal of foreign criminals" of foreign criminals would delay the deportation finally tracked down.

There are also regulatory changes announced regarding conditions of family reunification in Canada:
  • The success of the parent and grandparent super visa applications accepted about 3,700 in the first six months; avoiding accumulation of sponsoring parents and grandparents.

Canadian Immigration minister to announce 2900 being stripped of citizenship for fraud


A broader immigration fraud investigation conducted by the Canada immigration and citizenship department has identified an alarming number of people getting Canadian immigration (and afterwards citizenship) by providing misleading information to the authorities.

Repression expand federal identified a record number of people acquire Canadian citizenship and immigration status of suspected fraud, according to a government source.

The number of newcomers to deform is examined in the treatment of Citizenship and Immigration Canada an historic 11,000 increased as a result of national implementation.

That's almost double the federal government's 6500, less than one year ago, suggesting that Canadian citizenship and immigration fraud problems can more widespread than previously thought.

 2900 being stripped of Canadian citizenship

Often assisted by immigration experts such type of frauds can sponsor foreign relatives and qualify for Canadian passports, benefits and the right to vote - all without having lived in Canada for a longer period.

Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, was expected to reporters about the new figures on Monday. A source said it would announce the 2900 Canadian officials were stripping their citizenship fraud.

The announcement comes nine months after Mr. Kenney said his department is working with the Agency and Canada Border Services RCMP to combat this problem and promised to prosecute the person concerned, and stripped of their citizenship.

At least 5,000 of the 11,000 permanent residents currently investigating fraud residence, where applications for immigrants in Canada looks suspicious, but actually living abroad. Immigrants are required to actually live in Canada, in order to maintain their status. However, officials have a growing number of those who come to Canada long enough to document their immigration papers stamped.

Then go back to their country of origin. However, they intend to live in Canada, and to support parents. For Canadian citizenship after three years in some cases residence defrauded route designed to help establish the impression of living in Canada.

A common scenario involves migrant families. While the spouse and children live full time in Canada, is the head of the family to work abroad, but has received immigration status in Canada. Researchers identify these cases, in part thanks to a phone line that leads recently founded.

A source told the climax amount of fraud was also the result of a case management system to alert enforcement officials when large numbers of immigrants to the same home address in Canada - which can be an indicator residency fraud.

Revocation of permanent residency scam is quite simple, but a decree of the Council of Ministers is obliged to withdraw Canadian citizenship. Some challenge the decision in court.

More changes in the Canadian Immigration system to come

Friday, September 7, 2012 |

Canada citizenship and immigration department is going through a lot of reforms and changes to the existing immigration system. The whole idea is to make if more robust and transparent, so that the country gets the benefits of diversity from all over the world.

The current immigration system is full of flaws and delays which is a big disappointment for the potential immigration candidates. From all over the world, applicants are waiting in processing queues for a long time. Some are reported to have been waiting to get their application processed for as long as 6 to 7 years!

According to Canadian immigration minister, Jason Kenney,
  “Our government has a plan for a faster, more flexible system that will better meet Canada’s economic needs while continuing to uphold our humanitarian commitments.”
The minister is also putting efforts that will ensure the Canadian citizenship and immigration department will come up with procedures that will make the entire immigration process more logical, reasonable and faster than before.

The Canadian immigration and citizenship department has enforced the following changes recently:

• A proposal has been submitted to develop new Federal Skilled Trades Program.

• Live-In Care giver program has been planned for further improvement.

• Existing immigrants will get their parents and grandparents visit visa with ease for longer validity.

• Preference will be given to young immigrants so that they contribute better to the economy of the nation.

• To reduce backlog, applications submitted before February 2008 have been returned along with the processing fee refunded.

• More emphasis has been put on language proficiency for both English and French.

• Canadian Experience Class to be changed.

• To spread new immigrants all over different pars of Canada, provincial nominees programs for different provinces are under redefinition.

In short, Canada citizenship and immigration department is make big changes to current Canadian immigration system for the betterment of the country.


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